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8(a) Eligibility Questionnaire

The completion of the 8(a) Eligibility Questionnaire should be carried out by the individual whose primary 8(a) Program Eligibility is based on. The questionnaire will require 15-30 minutes to complete, and we guarantee that your information will not be disclosed to any third party, and there is no obligation to acquire any of our services.

In the event that you require more time to complete the questionnaire, you may save your responses by clicking the “Save and Continue Later” link, allowing you to finish it up within 30 days.

Answering most of the questions will prompt alerts for any potential eligibility issues, and some questions may require additional information for us to determine your full 8(a) Program eligibility. Upon submission, we will review your responses and follow up with an email to discuss your current state of 8(a) Program eligibility, and address any further queries you may have.

If you prefer to complete the 8(a) Eligibility Questionnaire “Off-Line,” kindly send us an email.