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Why you might need more than one DUNS Number

Most businesses realize the need for a DUNS number when doing business with the government. It is necessary to register a business in SAM.GOV and to get paid on government contracts. But most do not know that it is possible to have more than one DUNS number and in many cases it is necessary.

Your DUNS number is not only associated with your business and your EIN (Employer Identification Number), but it is also associated with your location. If you have more than one location, then it may be necessary for you to have more than one DUNS number. If you are looking at becoming HUBZone certified and have multiple locations, then it is absolutely required.

The reason you will need a DUNS for each office location is that in order to correctly complete a HUBZone application and identify where your employees work, those locations must be registered in SAM and in order for each location to be in SAM, the location must have a DUNS number.

DUNS and SAM will understand that both locations are for the same company because they will still have the same EIN. DUNS will even let you give your locations the designation of “HQ” or “Branch” as opposed to a “Single Location”.

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