Feel free to contact any of our clients to see what they have to say about us!


WOSB Certified

CLO Construction Inc.

Amazing! Thanks for all your help. See decision letter.

Charmaine Obras, President


Hubzone Certified!

Wall Asphalt Services, Inc.

Monica, we are Hubzone Certified.I appreciate all your help.
You are awesome.

Sherry Skinner


8(a) Certified

3G Federal Solutions, LLC

See decision letter.

Kamal Yadav, CEO


8(a) Certified

Catalyst Operations & Analytics, LLC

Our 8(a) status was approved as of November 25th. Thanks for all of your help throughout the process. That certainly wasn’t for the faint of heart. See decision letter.

Robert Saenz, CEO

703-927-3159 (Jason Patti, Director of Business Operations)

WOSB Certified

Alziebler Incorporated

Monica, you are a pro at this. Thank you very much for everything. See decision letter.

Stephanie Allen, President


EDWOSB Certified

8-KOI, Inc.

Monica, I received official notification from SBA. 8-KOI, Inc. is approved as an EDWOSB under the new SBA EDWOSB rules. See decision letter.

Inga Young, President


8(a) Certified

JBS Solutions, Inc.

Rick, I received official notification from SBA that JBS is 8(a) certified! I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. See decision letter.

Sherrie Nash, CEO/President


8(a) Certified

Comtrix Solutions, Inc.

Rick, This is fantastic news. Thank you so much for all your help. See decision letter.

Lakshmi Narra, President


8(a) Certified

Global Alliant, Inc.

Hello Rick, We just received the below good news.

Congratulations! Your firm has been certified as a Participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program. Your nine (9) year program term begins on the date of this letter.

Special thanks to you who has worked very hard on this to make it happen. See decision letter.

Rajan Natarajan, President


8(a) Certified

M.E.G. Reliance Services, LLC

Rick, thank you for helping me get my 8(a)!

Mark Green, President


8(a) Certified

P17 Solutions, LLC

Rick, thank you for helping me get my 8(a)! You have been very helpful throughout the process and I would like to continue to utilize your services in preparing the 8(a) business plan. See decision letter.

Duy Duong, President


8(a) Certified

IOV Solutions, LLC

Rick, thanks for all the help. Mission accomplished!

Peter Kim, President


Hubzone Certified

Tano Logistics LLC

Monica, good news. We are Hubzone Certified. This is really awesome. Thank you so much. See decision letter.

Kofi Anafi, Managing Member


8(a) & Hubzone Certified

Aspetto, Inc.

Thank you for all your hard work. See decision letter.

Abdas Haider, CEO


8(a) Certified

Everson Construction Group, LLC

Rick, thank you for all your help. We are 8(a) Certified. See decision letter.

John Everson, Owner


VetBiz Certified

Bespoke Solutions, LLC

Monica, this is great. Thank you for your help, patience and to achieve this milestone finally. See decision letter.

Craig D. Funicello


8(a) Certified

Lalaith Astor Technical Consulting House, LLC

See decision letter.

Leone Atchison, Managing Member


8(a) Certified

GCOM Information Technology, Inc.

Hi Rick, we appreciate it very much for all your guidance and walking us towards success and getting 8(a) certification for GCOM Information Technology Inc. See decision letter.

Siva Venkatachalam


Hubzone Certified

Pierce & Sons Construction, LLC

Hi Monica, I received the awards letter from the SBA saying we had been approved for HUBZone Certification. Let me say thanks for all your help with our application. We are so excited to have it approved. See decision letter.

Nathan Pierce, Principal


8(a) Certified

Semantic Data Systems, LLC

Hi Rick, great news, our 8(a) application has been approved. See decision letter.

Sunil Matte, President


Hubzone Certified

RedTrace Technologies, Inc.

Monica, thanks for all of your help, the hubzone application finally came through. See decision letter.

Kelo D. Makelele, Director of Operations


Hubzone Certified

Alziebler Incorporated

Monica, Thank you for all of your help over these past few months. I look forward to working with you again when renewal time is here. See decision letter.

Stephanie Allen, President


8(a) Certified

Twintron Data Systems Inc.

Hello Rick, I am glad that my 8(a) application is finally approved. Thank you. See decision letter.

Dayal Nagasuru, President


8(a) Certified!


Rick, I received 8(a) Certification. This is a win for you too. Thank you so much for all your help. See decision letter.

Ester Cambronero, President


8(a) Certified

KEU Inc.

Hi Rick, I wanted to let you know that we did receive a letter through certify.sba.gov that we made it into the 8(a) program! It came through on Christmas Eve, and we just found out. Thank you so much.

Sally Kasma, President


8(a) Certified

Case Management Consulting, LLC

Hi Rick, thanks for all your help!

Angela Mitchell, CEO


8(a) Certified

Niramatech Corp

Thank you Rick.

Nimesh Vyas, President


8(a) Certified

Superior Structures, LLC

Hi Rick, We are approved.

Joshua Bowen, President


CVE/VetBiz Certified

Detrick Tech LLC (Joint Venture)

Thank you Monica. See decision letter.

Intisar Abbasi


8(a) Certified

Falcon Logic, LLC

See decision letter.

Shazia Noreen, Managing Member


VetBiz Re-Certified

Dick Miller, Inc.

See decision letter.

Glen Bullock, President/CEO


8(a) Certified

Vivsoft Technologies, LLC

Rick, we got the 8a Certification approved. Thanks for your due diligence and hard work.

Navin Gunalan, President/CEO


VetBiz Certified

FEDspace LLC

See decision letter.

Craig A. Cheltenham, CEO


Hubzone Certified

ICSI Projects LLC

Great news, thanks for all of your help! See decision letter.

John Webb, Managing Director


Hubzone Certified

Comp Environmental Inc.

See decision letter.

Yanling Wang, President


Hubzone Certified

Yorosis Technologies, Inc.

Thank you Monica. See decision letter.

Pradeep Bhoopalan, President


VetBiz Certified

SoundWay Consulting Incorporated

See decision letter.

Diane Bellegarde, President/CEO


Hubzone Certified

Softek Enterprises, LLC

See decision letter.

Imran Memon, CEO


Hubzone Certified

US Infotech Solutions, LLC

Monica, good news, US Infotech is approved as a HUBZone now. See decision letter.

Viren Chovatia, Director


VetBiz Certified!

Syms Strategic Group, LLC

See decision letter.

Edward J. Syms, President/CEO


VetBiz Certified

DataPoint Services, LLC

See decision letter.

Jarl Ferko, President


VetBiz Re-Certified

Jenkins Construction Inc.

Thank you Monica.

Gayle Jenkins, President


Hubzone Certified

Edsol Communications, LLC

Dear Monica, Let us thank you and Rick very much for being pending until we got the final approval. It has been great working with both of you and I will be happy to refer your business to whom may need it. Thanks again. See decision letter.

Oscar Herrera, President


VetBiz Certified

ThunderYard Liberty JV LLC

See decision letter.

Larry van der Oord , President


8(a) Certified

EACM Corp.

Rick, I received my 8(a) Certification. This is a win for you too. Thank you so much for all your help.

Ester Cambronero, President


8(a) Certified

RIOS Partners, LLC

Rick, We got the 8(a) approval last night. Thanks for the help.

Joshua R. Rios – Managing Director


Hubzone Certified

Adaptivestack Technologies, Inc.

Awesome! Thank you Monica. See decision letter.

Kathlyn Apostolos, President


Hubzone Certified

Ardigent Consulting, Inc.

Well-job, well done! Thank you for all the help and support! See decision letter.

Beloslava Trenkova


VetBiz Certified (Re-Verification)

Spyder Technologies LLC (DBA – Surefire Innovations)

Monica, Thank you so much. You have been nothing short of amazing. See decision letter.

Robert Luft, CEO


Hubzone Certified

532 Group LLC

Monica, we just found out we are Hubzone Certified too and we’re very excited. Thank you for guiding us through the process. See decision letter.

Marysol Cummings, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Exor Solutions Incorporated

Monica, thank you so much for the great guidance taking us through this process. We are very pleased with your service and please feel free to have my name on your short list of references. See decision letter.

Farid Nooristani, President


VetBiz Certified

Thunderyard Solutions LLC

Monica, thanks so much for all your help along the way during this process. You are awesome. See decision letter.

Lawrence van der Oord, President/CEO


VetBiz Certified (Renewal)

Holihan Associates, LLC

See decision letter.

Richard Holihan, Owner


8(a) Certified

NetSecure, LLC

Hi Rick, we just received notification that we are now certified in the SBA 8(a) program. I want to extend a great thanks to you for making this process as smooth as possible. Again, thank very much for all of your efforts!

Michael Dunn, Managing Member


8(a) Certified

Rackner, Inc.

Rick, just wanted to let you know that we received our 8(a)! Thanks for all your help throughout the lengthy process.

Alexander Raul, CEO


8(a) Certified

International Consulting Associates, Inc.

Rick, thank you. We are now 8(a) Certified.

Aws Ali, President


VetBiz Certification (Renewal)

X Corp Solutions, Inc.

Monica, thank you. See decision letter.

Cesar Nader, President/CEO


VetBiz Certification (Renewal)

Liberty IT Solutions, LLC

See decision letter.

William Greene, III, President/CEO


VetBiz Certified

Reliable Locksmith & Security Systems, Inc.

Monica, thanks so much for everything. We couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve been such a pleasure to work with.

Antonio L. Polerecky, President


VetBiz Certified

RDC Maintenance Solutions, LLC

See decision letter.

Dennis Addington, President


8(a) Certified

Quincon, Inc.

Rick, I received notification that I am 8(a) Certified.

Jose Quintana, President


8(a) Certified

N&S Property Services, LLC

Rick, thanks. I am officially 8(a) Certified.

William Bonilla, President


8(a) Certified

Avigna, LLC

Hi Rick, I finally got the certification. Thanks for all of your help.

Asim Kumar, Founding Partner


8(a) Certified

Aspetto, Inc.

Hi Rick, I just received an notification that we are approved. Thank you!

Abbas Haider, President


VetBiz Certified

Cloud Pathfinder, LLC

Thanks. See decision letter.

Jesse Grothaus, CEO


8(a) Certified

Activion, Inc.

Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know that we were notified by SBA that our 8(a) application just got approved! Thanks again for your support on this. .

Jay Hong, President


Hubzone Certified

Agiliko, LLC

Hi Rick, I finally got the certification. Again Thanks for all of your help.

Asim Kumar, Founding Partner


Hubzone Certified

The BRT Group, Inc. (dba) Florida Hydroseeding & Erosion Control

Thanks. See decision letter.

Bradley Tanzer


8(a) Certified

Macnew Consulting, LLC

Thank you Rick.

Olukemi Macaulay-Newman, President/CEO


8(a) Certified

Core One Solutions, LLC

Hi Rick, thanks for all of your assistance with this. We really appreciate it. See decision letter.

Joseph Koo, CFO and Co-Founder

703-879-4153 Ext 701

VetBiz Certified

AdaptiveVets Solutions, Inc.

See decision letter.

John Gough, President/CEO


Hubzone Certified

Vendetti Consulting, LLC

Thank you Monica for making the process seamless and painless. Your guidance throughout the process was extremely helpful and we received the Hubzone Certification sonner than expected, which was an added bonus. See decision letter.

Mark Zezza, Managing Partner


8(a) Certified

Heritage Construction, LLC

“Thank you. See decision letter.

Hyder Bhatti, Member


8(a) Certified

Prominent Edge, LLC

Hi Rick, we were just accepted into the 8(a) Program. Thanks for all of your help.

Syrus Mesdaghi, President


VetBiz Certified

Skill-Metric Machine and Tool, Inc.

See decision letter.

Daniel Kresty


8(a) Certified

Foxx Professionals, LLC

I want to thank you for all of your help with this process. It’s been a pleasure working with you. See decision letter.

Fred Collins, President


8(a) Certified

Technology Experts, Inc.

Thank you.

Arunmayi Gondesi


8(a) Certified

Greenway Global Corporation

Long emotional process for us that’s not over but we can’t thank enough. Very excited. Thanks Rick.

Gabe Pico, President


Hubzone Certified

Sencommunications, Inc.

Hi Monica, I wanted to let you know that we received our approval. I firmly believe that we could have not done it without your help. I really appreciate your patience through this process. See decision letter.

Stacie Miller

800-654-2993 x5015

Hubzone Certified

National Steel and Air Barrier, Inc.

See decision letter.

David Harmer, President


8(a) Certified

Doliveira Systems, LLC

Great news. I received the 8(a) approval. Thank you for everything. It was an easy streamlined process. See decision letter.

Jamie Doliveira


8(a) Certified

Agilious, LLC

We just received official notification of Agilious becoming 8(a) Certified. Thank you for all of your hard work, guidance and patience throughout this process. This would not have been possible without your assistance. See decision letter.

Manjit Singh, President


Hubzone Certified

Delflo Industries, Inc.

See decision letter.

Danilo Begovic


8(a) Certified

Chaise Management Group, LLC

Thanks again for all your help. We could not have done it without you.

Natalie May


8(a) Certified

Olive Networks, LLC

Rick, I wanted to share the great news with you that we received the decision letter for the 8(a) Certification. Thank you for your help and all that you did to make this possible. I couldn’t have done it without you. See decision letter.

Tony Ashamu, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Direct Industrial & Machining, Inc.

See decision letter.

Mark Chapman, President


8(a) Certified


Rick, we finally got 8(a) Certified. Thank you for all of your help and patience. See decision letter.

John Tan, Managing Member

703-982-7777 x801

8(a) & Hubzone Certified

Whitetail Environmental, LLC

Thank you for all your hard work. This makes twice that Cloveer hads come through for Whitetail and it is greatly appreciated. I can assure you that we will need your help again in the future and we will not hesitate to call. See decision letter.

Jason Tanner


Hubzone Certified

Information Alchemy, LLC

Just got the news. See decision letter.

Charlie Brown, CEO


8(a) Certified

Global Quality Solutions, Inc.

I wanted to let you know that my 8(a) Application has been accepted. We are very excited about this and that you for your help.

Adriana Blankenship, President


Hubzone Certified

Mattaponi Partners, LLC

The team at Cloveer was instrumental in helping our company obtain our Hubzone certification. Monica made the process easy and was great about keeping me updated on what we needed to get done in terms of paperwork. We even had our Hubzone application approved in under 90 days, amazing. Monica was also very responsive whenever I called or e-mailed her with questions. If you are a small business looking for a company to help you navigate the governments programs (Hubzone, 8(a) etc.), look no further than Cloveer. Thanks again!. See decision letter.

Kevin Dunn, Managing Member


8(a) Certified

Third Packet Technologies, LLC

Thank you for all your hard work.

Vishnu Reddy, CEO and Managing Partner


VetBiz Certified

Intelliverse Solutions Group, LLC

See decision letter.

Darryl Toomer, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

LTL Enterprises, LLC

Cloveer made our Hubzone application process seem like a walk in the park! Not only was the service great but we received our Hubzone certification within 30 days with no issues. This was the best decision we made by working with them. I would recommend Cloveer to anyone that is looking get certified into the SBA 8(a) & Hubzone Program and VA VetBiz Programs. See decision letter.

Tia Thomas, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Sonora & Associates, LLC

See decision letter.

Sonnie Oratokhai, Principal


8(a) Certified

Improvix Technologies, Inc.

We got it. Thank you very much for all your hard work. See decision letter.

Aneesh Mehta, CEO


Hubzone Certified

Allegheny Petroleum Products Co.

Thanks to Monica for her excellent guidance thru the entire Hubzone process. We would have not been able to complete this process without her. See decision letter.

Eric Lipscomb


8(a) Certified

Precision IT, LLC

Working with Monica at Cloveer is effortless. She can anticipate what the government expects to see in a packet and plans accordingly. She is also very responsive to your calls and emails. Monica spends the time needed for you to understand why the government is requesting certain documents and how the system work. See decision letter.

Leonard Paul Maggio Jr., Owner


8(a) Certified

VG IT Services, Inc.

After struggling with many companies that provide 8(a) application services and spending a lot of money, a friend recommended me to Cloveer. From the start to finish Mr. Otero was professional and patient. He made the application process less stressful. I highly recommend Mr. Otero and Cloveer. See decision letter.

Shalini Gali, President


8(a) Certified

MetaPhase Consulting, LLC

Grateful for Cloveer and Rick Otero. Knowledge of the process, availability and attention to detail helped in our submission. If I had to do it again it would be without a doubt with Rick & the Cloveer team. Cloveer’s services are a great value and highly recommended. See decision letter.

Fred Costa, President


8(a) Certified

CWR Technologies, LLC

Thanks. I meant to share with you that we did receive our 8(a) Certification.

Fred Taylor, Member


8(a) Certified

Linchpin Solutions, Inc.

We did it and could not have done it without you. See decision letter.

Eddie Pena, CEO


Hubzone Certified

IT Security, Inc.

Monica, Thank you. You are awesome. See decision letter.

Albert E. Whale, President


Hubzone Certified

MGMA Consulting Corp

Hello Monica, we were approved for Hubzone Certification. Thank you.

Michael Fonseca, President


VetBiz Certified

Allied Technologies and Consulting, LLC

See decision letter.

Intisar Abbasi, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

TeraSense Inc.

See decision letter.

Krishan Parikh, President


Hubzone Certified

Rockbridge Consulting, LLC

Thanks very much to Monica and Cloveer for helping Rockbridge Consulting LLC to successfully obtain our Hubzone certification. Rockbridge Consulting focuses on providing studies and analytical services to the Federal Government. The company was started in January 2014 and tried on two occasions to work through the Hubzone process on our own, but we were unsuccessful on both attempts. Finally, we contacted Cloveer and their professionalism and attention to detail helped us successfully navigate through the process. Their fee was one of the best investments I’ve made in the company. Thanks to Monica and Cloveer doing such a great job. See decision letter.

David A. Reed, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Allied Mission Group, LLC

See decision letter.

Jay Kalath, President/CEO


8(a) Certified

Galt Group, Inc.

Rick, great news, I sure didn’t expect this so fast. Thanks for all your assistance and support. I am still somewhat in shock its been less than 15 days. See decision letter.

Andre Cadogan, President

888-876-4144 x700

8(a) Certified

Taproot Solutions, Inc.

Hi Rick, I just wanted to update you that we received 8(a) certification last week. We are very happy and excited about it. Thank you very much for helping me and being patient with my inquiries. Appreciate your help.

Purnima Govada, President


Hubzone Certified

SRR International, Inc.

See decision letter.

Rekha Jadala, President

561-228-8349 x102

8(a) Certified

Arlington Consultants Group, LLC

Rick, Thanks for all your help. We are very happy with the decision. I am glad that we are now 8(a) Certified. See decision letter.

Manav (Mike) Bahl, President


Hubzone Certified

Jenkins Construction, Inc.

See decision letter.

Gayle Jenkins, President


Hubzone Certified

Heffler Contracting Group

See decision letter.

Purnima Govada, President


Hubzone Certified

Lucayan Technology Solutions, Inc.

Monica, Thanks for your assistance in helping my company certify as an Hubzone business. I received notice our acceptance into the program. I look forward to working with your company as we pursue our 8(a) Certification. See decision letter.

Ricardo Burrage, Sr., Managing Director


Hubzone Certified

Dinetahdoo Cultural Resources Management, LLC

Monica, Thank you so much for your help with this long process. I apologize for the delayed response to your email but wanted to let you know that we were notified and we were surprised we made it through.

Florence Martin, President


Hubzone Certified

Inflow Logistics, LLC

See decision letter.

Angela Crockett, CEO


8(a) Certified

Confidential Client

Rick. I wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise in helping us obtain 8(a) certification in record time. I expected the process to be difficult, and all the time that went into it was definitely a lot more than I had imagined. But you were extremely professional, knew all the ins and outs, and shed light on the entire process for us. Thank you for guiding us through the process even through the difficult parts, including requests for more information. Thank you for all your help!

Confidential Client

Call Cloveer for more information

VetBiz Certified

Dick Miller, Inc.

See decision letter.

Glen Bullock, President


Hubzone Certified

Land Aero Group, LLC

See decision letter.

Frank Garcia, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Quality Litigation Services, Inc. (QMS)

See decision letter.

Angelo Salandra, President


Hubzone Certified

S3I Technology Solutions, LLC

Thank you.

Michael Hammond, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Activion, Inc.

Thank you Monica for your support throughout the application process. We are Hubzone certified. See decision letter.

Jay Hong, President


8(a) Certified

Vigintis, LLC

I would proudly like to bring to your attention that Vigintis has been awarded 8(a) certification. We got our decision letter yesterday. It took 45 days from the date of successful submission. We could not have done it without your guidance and high quality of service.

Subodh (Jay) Dassh, President


Hubzone Certified

L & E Management Services, LLC

I got approved for the Hubzone Program and want to thank you for all of the help.

Brian Locklear


Hubzone Certified

Achieva Partners, Inc.

I was certified a HUBZone Program participant. Thank you very much for all of your help.

Peggy Gill, President


VetBiz Certified

Soundway Consulting, Inc.

See decision letter.

Diane Bellegrade


Hubzone Certified

Bicallis, LLC

Bicallis, LLC has been certified by SBA as a qualified Hubzone small business concern. This is great news for our company and we have many new and exciting contracting opportunities which will be coming our way over the next several months. Thanks for your assistance.

Bryan Hill, Vice President


VetBiz Certified

MGMA Consulting Corp

See decision letter.

Michael Fonseca, President


8(a) Certified

Culture One World

Thanks for your guidance and wisdom. See decision letter.

Odulia and Carlos Alcazar


Hubzone Certified

Perceptix, LLC

Thanks Monica. Truly appreciate your assistance throughout this process.

Rob Wall, President


Hubzone Certified

JCS Solutions, LLC

I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Rick. Rick is knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at an excellent value. We are very impressed and highly recommend Cloveer.

Rajkumari (Raji) Bezwada, President/CEO


8(a) Certified

Distributed Computing System Solutions Provider, Inc.

We are very happy that we selected Cloveer to help us with our SBA 8(a) application process. The final application package was very well organized and packaged per the SBA requirements. We received our decision letter in less than 4 weeks. We are very impressed with Rick and Monica’s knowledge of the process, attention to detail, and responsiveness. See decision letter.

Vani Valluru, President


8(a) Certified

Research Analysis Group, LLC

Certified in just 21 days. We received our decision letter from the SBA. We are so excited to be accepted into the 8(a) Program. Thank you so much for all of your help. See decision letter.

Tara Dixon, President

770-558-6302 x701

8(a) Certified

New Dominion Construction, LLC

See decision letter.

Adrian Lawson, President


8(a) Certified

eTranservices Corp

Thanks for all your help and assistance. See decision letter.

Chris Beckford, President


Hubzone Certified

Softrams, LLC

See decision letter.

Atchut Kanthamani, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Five Guys Farms, LLC

See decision letter.

Lyman Guy, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Key Cyber Solutions, LLC

See decision letter.

Ahmad Mojaddidi, President


8(a) Certified

Ariel Business Group, Inc.

Rick, Thank you for your assistance with the application process and making it happen. See decision letter.

Thomas Huggins, III, President


Hubzone Certified

Zephyr Marine, Inc.

Certified in less than 30 days.

Scott Cross, President


8(a) Certified

High Q, Inc.

I want to share with you the good news. We got our 8(a) approved. I got the email from SBA. I would like to thank you for all your help, guidance to achieve this important milestone.

Akila Vellingiri, President


VetBiz Certified

Holihan Associates, LLC

Monica, thank you again for your help and support these last couple of months as I applied for SDVOSB status. I simply could not have done it without you and Cloveer Inc. Here is a short letter of thanks from me to you. Please feel free to use me as a reference if the need presents.

Richard F. Hollihan, Owner


8(a) Certified

MERP Systems, Inc.

Just want to let you know that our 8(a) has come through. I appreciate all your help.

Prem Nair


Hubzone Certified

Z-Tech Solutions, LLC

Cloveer was instrumental in helping Z-TECH obtain our Hubzone certification. They assembled and submitted the entire package. They continued to help with follow up questions from the SBA throughout the process. Their expertise and support are outstanding in every way. I strongly recommend them for HUubzone application processing. Their support is well worth the money.

Mike Zarou, President/CEO


8(a) Certified

Integrated Modern Engineering, LLC

We got 8(a) Certified. Thanks for your help.

Rakhi Shah, CEO


8(a) Certified

AIMS Locum Tenens, LLC

Cloveer and Rick did awesome job and went above and beyond during our 8(a) Certification application process. We got certified in less than 4 months. Rick was highly organized, dedicated and knowledgeable throughout the application process. I would recommend him to all our business clients/colleagues seeking government certification(s).

Meghna Narola, President/CEO


Hubzone Certified

Gearhart Construction Services, LLC

Working with Monica at Cloveer greatly streamlined the paperwork and application process that would have otherwise taken much longer. We were approved more quickly than anticipated and would highly recommend Monica and Cloveer for services and assistance in certification! Thank you.

David M. Gearhart, President


8(a) Certified

Hankins Electrical Contracting, Inc.

We chose Cloveer to assist with our 8(a) Application process and the experience could not have been better. Rick is so extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible. In about one month we had our application completed and in our hands, a time frame that would not have been possible without the help of this amazing company.

Kendra Johnson, Office Manager


8(a) Certified

XOR Security, LLC

Rick, thank you very much. This is mostly your hard work.

Razwan Raja, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Techint Solutions Group, LLC

Monica, thanks for your help. I received notice that TSG is now Hubzone certified.

Craig (Skip) Funicello, Principal


Hubzone Certified

B3 Group, Inc.

I had been meaning to shoot you a note to update you on our certification. Thank you for all of your help with this. We absolutely could not have done it without you. We sincerely appreciate your great support in getting this done and through.

Brad Palmer, COO


8(a) Certified

Nicklaus Engineering, Inc.

We did it. Thanks so much for your help. I could not have done it without you both. I still can’t believe it.

Stacy Gutierrez, President


8(a) & Hubzone Certified

Fierro Enterprises, LLC

Monica, fantastic news, thank you and Cloveer for the amazing job you guys do. Certified in just 30 days.

Laura Fierro


Hubzone Certified

Alpine Roofing, LLC

See decision letter.

Dustin Robinson, Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Indigo Tehnology Inc.

Cloveer guided us through every step of the process. Their professional counsel was critical to our successful Hubzone certification.

David Shuping, COO


8(a) Certified

Microhealth, LLC

Thank you. We are now certified.

Claude Hines


8(a) Certified

Bella Information Systems, LLC

Thank you for all the hard work I got from Cloveer, Inc. You went outside of your way with my tax person & accountant to correct my paper work to go through the SBA completion process. I am glad I chose your advice and consulting firm for SBA 8(a) application. I am greatly benefited for future also how to run my small business properly with proper tax filing and proper accounting work. See decision letter.

Girma Deresso


Hubzone Certified

Northside Meat Company, Inc.

See decision letter.

Vicki Summerly

513-681-4111 x11

8(a) Certified

SHR Consulting Group, LLC

Wonderful news. SHR has been selected to participate in the 8(a) program. Thank you so much for everything you did to assist us with the application process. It wouldn’t have been a success without you.

Thomas Kurylo


8(a) Certified

Tenacious Solutions, LLC

The support we received from Cloveer and Rick has been outstanding and an excellent value. Rick was reliable, insightful, candid and meticulous. The efficiencies gained from having an expert every step of the way at a very reasonable cost was well worth it and is highly recommended.

Since you were so helpful throughout this entire process, we thought it was only appropriate for you to be the first person to get the news. We’ve been accepted into the 8(a) Program. Thank you so much for all of your help along the way. You exceeded all expectations. We wish you much continued success in what you do since you do it so well.

Tariq Mehmood, CEO


Hubzone Certified

GI Supply, LLC

Hi Monica, Just wanted to let you know that we received our Hubzone certification so I wanted to reach out and thank you for the assistance again.

Rick Pounds, President


8(a) Certified

Lion Federal, LLC

We were referred to Cloveer by another company that became Hubzone certified with their help. The owner of the Hubzone company had only good things to say, so my expectations were extremely high. During the course of the entire process, I was truly impressed with the level of organization, knowledge and professionalism. They made the entire process very easy for me. Cloveer got my company into the SBA 8(a) program, and my expectations were more than met. They used the latest technology to work with me in sharing information, and were extremely responsive. I wish all companies were as catering to their customers as Cloveer was to us. I have recommended them to several friends/colleagues that were interested in their services and would recommend them to anyone. See decision letter.

Mani Qazi


Hubzone Certified

Vision Direct, Inc.

Thank you.

Doug Switzer


VetBiz Certified

L.A. Downey & Son, Inc.

See decision letter.

William Downey


8(a) Certified

G&RK Consulting Associates, LLC

I just received approval of our 8(a) application. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. With you, the application process was smooth and you were always available to us.Thanks again. Ganesh.

Ganesh Kurse, Managing Member


8(a) Certified

I Tech AG, LLC

Rick, we got awarded our 8(a) Certification. Thanks for all your help my friend.

Walter Antezana


8(a) Certified

C&B Strategic Consulting, Inc.

Laynita and I wanted to inform you that we have received our 8(a) approval. This is about 2 months earlier than we had anticipated. We went through 3 small Q&A/validation exercises which was expected. In any event, thank you for your valuable insights, the videos, and the various templates. They were all crucial to our success. If you need any success stories or testimonials please let us know.

Patrick Berkebile


Hubzone Certified

Summit Solutions, LLC

Thank you. I was certified in 90 days.

Christopher Walker


8(a) Certified

Kriaanet, Inc.

See decision letter.

Deepali Jain


8(a) Certified

OCT Consulting, LLC

Just received email from SBA indicating that we were 8(a) certified. Thanks for all your help with preparing the application, being responsive to emails and available whenever we need assistance.

Atul Kathuria, Managing Member


8(a) Certified

Middleground Technologies, LLC

Absolutely wonderful news. Rick, Middleground would not have been able to do this without your expert assistance. We both thank you for your persistent effort and commitment to our application all these months. We are very excited to see what lies ahead. See decision letter.

Sagar Pandya, Manager/Owner


Hubzone Certified

SynchroCyber Corporation

Monica, It was a stressful process, but my Hubzone was approved.Thank you for everything.

James Burke, CEO


8(a) Certified

Tarpan Construction, LLC

Guess what I got today. Thank you so much for your help with my application. See decision letter.

Trudy Poret, Manager/Owner


Hubzone Certified

Kreative Corporation

We received the Hubzone approval. Thank you so much for everything you have helped us achieve.

Masoda Sultana, CEO


VetBiz & Hubzone Certified

Privateer IT, LLC

Thank you for your help with both certifications.

Jerry Bennett, Managing Member


8(a) Certified

OSI Vision, LLC

FYI Rick. Great news and a quick response. Really appreciate all the help.

Dave Henderson


VetBiz and Hubzone Certified

Core Mission Solutions, LLC

Monica Otero (Cloveer, Inc) was instrumental in getting my company certified with the Department of Veteran Affairs (CVE). Cloveer provided expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. Cloveer’s professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of the VA requirements and processes is unmatched, and was without a doubt the driving force behind getting my company certified in 60 days! I would highly recommend any small business contemplating applying for certification under the VA CVE program or any program under the SBA, to contact Cloveer, Inc.

Monica Otero (Cloveer, Inc.) was the driving force and catalyst in getting my company SBA Hubzone certified. Having previously been denied certification by the SBA, Cloveer devised a plan, provided expert advice, guidance, and worked closely and tirelessly with my company to ensure we had a totally compliant Hubzone application. My application was accepted and approved without ANY errors or requests for additional information. This was all due to Monica Otero and Cloveer’s attention to detail and thorough understanding of the SBA’s processes. I could not have gotten my application approved without their knowledge, experience and dedication. Cloveer’s performance, professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of the SBA’s requirements and processes are unmatched, and was without a doubt the driving force behind getting my company certified. I would highly recommend any small business contemplating applying for certification under the SBA programs, or any programs under the VA, to contact Cloveer, Inc.

Daryll Toomer, CEO


8(a) Certified

Banqlogix, inc.

Hi Rick, I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your hard work and assistance. We have received a formal letter accepting us into the SBA section 8(a) program. Your work on this process was excellent and we appreciate your assistance and guidance all the way through the process. Please feel free to use us as a reference in the future. We will be happy to help.

Luis Valente, President


Hubzone Certified

Arch Systems, LLC

Good news. We received Hubzone Certification approval. Thank you for your great work and tremendous help through this process.

Vini Ehsan, President


Hubzone Certified

Spink Enterprises, LLC

Thank you.

Connie Loughhead, Managing Member


8(a) Certified

Appdiction Studio, LLC

I would highly recommend Rick and Cloveer, Inc. to any company looking for a firm to submit their 8(a) package. Rick is an expert and made my 8(a) application process less stressful. His knowledge and expertise on the process while being patient, attention to detail and always responsive in a timely manner exceeded my expectations. I could not have picked a better firm to help guide me through the 8(a) application process. Rick is a true professional.

Tim Porter, President/CEO


8(a) Certified

Norcom, inc.

Cloveer, Inc. is one of the best service organizations I have worked with. After extensive research and contacting Rick, I was convinced Cloveer would provide Norcom with the best service to review and assist with the company’s 8(a) application. With quality and diligent work on both companies’ part, the 8(a) application was approved in what I feel very quick time. I believe the completeness of the application, quick and accurate responses to the SBA’s requests for additional information tremendously helped with the fast approval. Thank you to you Rick and your team at Cloveer.

Thomas Bozarth, President


Hubzone Certified

Ninthball, LLC

Cloveer was recommended to us by two other colleagues, each owning their own 8(a) firms. Although we had read the requirements for our Hubzone certification thoroughly and thought we had a clear understanding of the deliverables and time tables, we made a conscious decision to retain the company that does this best. Monica Otero was instrumental in facilitating the requirements, reviewing our deliverable’s, and making sure that our package was absolutely correct for submission. We submitted our Hubzone Application in late June and received our certification in early August (Just 47 days). What else can we say, but Thank You Cloveer for helping us achieve a major milestone for our firm.

Charlie Brown, CEO


8(a) Certified

CyberBahn Federal Solutions, LLC

Thank you Rick for your service. We got 8(a) Certified.

Jamuna Sundarajan


VetBiz Certified

The Masy Group, LLC

Good news. We finally received our SDVOSB certification from CVE. This has been a very painful process and it’s a tribute to your diligence/hard work. Thank you and we are now officially certified. Monica, Thank you so much for your hard work in support of our application. I have a suspicious feeling that we will continue to do business with your company. Please keep us on your active client list and we will continue to make referrals accordingly.

Tae Kim


8(a) Certified

Spinvi Consulting, LLC

I am happy to announce that Spinvi has been certified as a participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program. There is no way I could have done this without your help. Because of your cooperative attitudes, hard work, and support, Spinvi can now look forward to the next phase of leveraging the program and winning federal contracts. I just wanted to take a minute to give each of you my sincerest thanks for your contribution.

Danny Yohannes, President


Hubzone Certified

Azha Systems, Inc.

Amazing. Our Hubzone application was approved within 14 days of submitting it. Working with Monica Otero on our Hubzone application has been a complete joy. Cloveer has expertise with every important step of the application process. Monica has a very organized approach to completing the application. Highly recommended.

Tom Miller


Hubzone Certified

GovProIT, Inc.

Thank you Rick. We are 8(a) Certified.

Kevin Lee


8(a) Certified

Couric Enterprises, LLC

Thank you. I am now 8(a) Certified.

Eric Solis


Hubzone Certified

Dexus Corp

Thank You.

Chelsea Dexter, President


Hubzone Certified

Repaintex Company

I am now Hubzone Certified.

Carlos Acosta


Hubzone Certified

Makani Kai Tech, LLC

Thank you Rick. We are Hubzone Certified.

Mike McDougall


8(a) Certified

RKV Tech, Inc.

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that we’ve been accepted in the 8(a) Program. Thank you so much for all your help.

Rajesh Vasisht


Hubzone Certified

C & S Aircraft Services, Inc.

“I wanted to thank Cloveer for their help in getting C & S Aircraft Services Inc. qualified for Hubzone status. You were extremely helpful and patient with me throughout the process. Thanks again for all of your help.”

Adon Clark, CEO


VetBiz Certified

Mainstay Information Solutions, LLC

Monica, I just want to truly thank you for all of your help and patience with us. We received certification and there is no way we could have done it without you.

Brad Pierce


Hubzone Certified

Soundway Consulting, Inc.

I am pleased to announce that the Small Business Administration has certified SoundWay as a Hubzone Corporation.

Diane Bellegrade


Hubzone Certified


Thank you.

Ani Giragosian


Hubzone Certified

Strategus Consulting, LLC

“Wanted to let you know that we were notified that we were accepted into the Hubzone program. Thank you both for your assistance.”

Don Hardway, Managing Member


VetBiz Certified

SAM Tucker, LLC (dba – Exceptional Sheets)

Thank you very much for all your time, patience, and help. You have literally saved us hundreds of hours throughout the approval process. My only regret is that I did not hire you sooner. We could have been SDVOSB approved months ago. As a small business owner one of my primary concerns is always ROI. I am 110% confident the return on my investment in hiring you with be substantial. You’re the best. VERY highly recommended.

Paul Saunders – Owner


Hubzone Certified

BitSec Global Forensics

Thanks so much for your help on this Monica! We could not have done it without you and your expertise. Please feel free to use us as a reference if you desire.

Eric Austin


8(a) Certified

Vistra Communications

I highly recommend Cloveer to anyone that is serious about getting your SBA 8(a) or SDVOSB certifications. They provided sound advice, did not over-promise and successfully steered us through both the overwhelming certification processes. Their assistance allowed me to focus on business development, partnering and other important aspects of running the business which allowed us to win our first prime contract just 7 months after being awarded our SBA 8(a) certification.

Brian Butler – Managing Member


Hubzone Certified

Rock Elm, Inc.

“We received notification that Rock Elm was approved and is now a certified Hubzone business. Thank you so much for your help with the application process. I will continue to point friends to Cloveer for their SBA needs. Thanks again.”

Justin Reynolds


8(a) Certified

Changeis, Inc.

Cloveer helped me prepare my 8(a) application. In every interaction, they were highly professional, engaged, and knowledgeable. It was clear that quality and thoroughness were their primary concerns, even if it meant more work for them. Cloveer is a true professional services firm and I have no doubt that they are one of the best in the business.

Urvashi Malhorta


8(a) Certified

Melgar Janitorial Solutions

I did quite a bit of research online and via telephone with other firms prior to calling Cloveer. My initial impression of Rick was that he thoroughly understood the process and most importantly was very easy to communicate with. After I received my first “progress report” from Rick (within 24 hours of him receiving my packet) I was certain I had made the right choice. Rick and his team where responsive, detailed orientated and most importantly friendly. I’ve done the research – choose Cloveer.

Audelino Melgar, Jr.


8(a) Certified

Ka’ala Systems Technology Corporation

Cloveer, Inc. is one of the most exceptional professional service businesses I’ve worked with. My initial conversation with Rick Otero left me without a doubt that his company could assist me with acquiring my 8 (a) certification. There were very detailed, knowledgeable and patient with me as I gathered all my pertinent data. More importantly, they were very honest with me by highlighting any concerns that she felt that SBA would question. There is no doubt that I could not have accomplished this without Cloveer’s assistance. They were absolutely AWESOME! I’m a true believer and I have already referred several small businesses which are considering the SBA 8(a) program to use Cloveer, Inc. Mahalo (Thank you), Adrian.

Adrian Yunson


8(a) Certified

Agile Transformation

“Rick, we can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, patience and your strong expertise and advise throughout the process. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner through this journey! Thank you so much!, Sally & Kal”

Sally Ellata


Hubzone Certified

Norcron, LLC

Just a small note to express our thanks to you and Cloveer for all of your assistance in helping us gain this certification. Is truly a savior at this stage of NORCRON’s existence, now to win some work.

Ken Crone