8(a) Business Plan Completion Service

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We live and breath 8(a) Certification. Our success rate is over 99% for clients we pre-qualify.

Real References

We have hundreds of real references you can contact to verify our process and their success.

19+ Years of Experience

We have been helping small business get certified and maintain their eligibility since 1999.

What is this service and who should consider it?

This service is designed for the small business owner who has just become 8(a) Certified and needs an expert to prepare the required SBA Form 1010c or 8(a) Business Plan.



We will interview you, via phone, to get preliminary information needed to begin preparing your 8(a) Business Plan. This interview takes approximately one hour where we will collect the majority of information needed to complete your 8(a) Business Plan.


Address All Elements.

The 8(a) Business plan prepared will addresses all 52 specific elements in the following areas: Executive Summary, Business History and Background, Business Environment, Products and/or Services, Present Market, Competition, Marketing Plan, Management and Organization, Business Resources, Financial Plan/Data and Contract Support Targets


At the conclusion of this service, you will receive an electronic/editable version of your 8(a) Business Plan that will be ready to be submitted to the SBA. Should your SBA analyst request any additional edits to your business plan, we will draft and respond to all SBA requests as part of our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

First, congratulations on getting 8(a) Certified.

Here is what you must do next:

  • You must sign and mail the 8(a) Participation Agreement and then provide it to the office address indicated in your SBA approval letter/email. The SBA will then assign your business to an SBA analyst in your local SBA office.
  • Attend a mandatory 8(a) orientation meeting, which the SBA will schedule as mentioned within the letter/email received.
  • You must also prepare and submit your 8(a) Business Plan to your local district office, generally within the 30 days of becoming 8(a) Certified. We suggest you get started on this as soon as possible so you can deliver the business plan to your SBA analyst during your orientation or even sooner if you have a pending 8(a) contract opportunity.

The 8(a) Business Plan Completion Service is designed for newly certified SBA 8(a) businesses that have just become officially 8(a) Certified.

All newly certified 8(a) businesses must submit an 8(a) Business Plan within 30 days of being accepted as an 8(a) participant by the SBA. Additionally, your 8(a) Business Plan must be accepted by the SBA prior to receiving or being awarded an 8(a) contract.

The 8(a) Business Plan is a living document that you must adhere to while you are in the 8(a) Program. It may need to be updated on an annual basis.

Your 8(a) Business Plan will outline the specific goals for your business that must be attainable while you are in the 8(a) Program since some of your firms nine (9) year continued 8(a) eligibility is based upon the plan.

We have streamlined the process of preparing the 8(a) Business Plan and know exactly what your plan needs to include to be accepted.

I am sure you know by now that trying to do it yourself or getting the plan submitted the first time correctly is of utmost importance.

Failure to submit a business plan and have it approved by your SBA analyst within the allotted time-frame by the SBA can be grounds for early termination.

Additionally, even though you are now officially 8(a) Certified, you cannot be awarded an 8(a) Contract until your 8(a) business plan has been approved by your SBA district office.

We develop a real customized 8(a) Business Plan for your business. This is not a canned business plan.

The 8(a) Business plan will address all 52 specific elements of the SBA form 1010c in the following areas:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business History and Background
  • Business Environment
  • Products and/or Services
  • Present Market
  • Competition
  • Marketing Plan
  • Management and Organization
  • Business Resources
  • Financial Plan/Data
  • Contract Support Targets

We work one-on-one with you to ensure that your 8(a) Business Plan clearly describes your business and its plans for success while operating in the SBA 8(a) Program.

We start by conducting a very detailed one (1) hour phone call where will obtain about 80% of the required information to prepare your 8(a) Business Plan. The other 20% is completed through our worksheets that we have developed over the years.

Our worksheets will help facilitate the collection of the remaining information needed to finalize your 8(a) Business plan.

We also do the required financial forecasting and the cash flow projections using realistic algorithms we know will be accepted by the SBA.

At the conclusion of this service, you will receive an electronic version of your 8(a) Business Plan that will be ready to be submitted to the SBA.

You will also have a plan that you can update yearly, or as needed, without the need to come back to us to have it updated annually.

If you already have a traditional commercial business plan then you are off to a great start.

Some of the information within your traditional commercial business plan may carry over to the 8(a) Business Plan, but chances are that it will not contain all 52 elements that the SBA requires within the 8(a) Business Plan or Form 1010c.

Your 8(a) Business Plan can be completed in as little as 1 to 2 weeks.

We advise any newly 8(a) Certified participant to begin the process immediately.

Failure to submit the 8(a) Business Plan within 30 days, after formal 8(a) Certification, can possibly result in grounds for termination from the SBA 8(a) Program.

Most 8(a) Business plans are approved by your SBA 8(a) Business Plan in a matter of days.

We suggest you get started on your 8(a) Business Plan as soon as possible so you can deliver the business plan to your SBA analyst during your mandatory orientation session or even sooner if you have a pending 8(a) contract opportunity.

100% of the 8(a) business plans prepared for our clients are accepted by the SBA.

1. We live and breath 8(a) Certification!

  • We keep up to date on all of the latest daily SBA 8(a) Program changes.
  • We have a detailed understanding of the current SBA 8(a) Regulations.
  • We review all of the latest SBA OHA (Office of Hearings and Appeals) cases on 8(a) Certification.

2. We have a very strong success rate!

  • We maintain a success rate of over 99% for clients.
  • We have assisted thousands of small businesses to achieve and maintain their 8(a) Program Certification.
  • We have real references to back up our success rate, that you can contact.

3. We have 19+ years of experience within the 8(a) Program!

  • All services performed are by Cloveer employees, not outside contractors, like some of our competitors.
  • We just don’t offer 8(a) Certification Completion Services. We offer full life-cycle 8(a) Program services before and after you get 8(a) Certified.
  • Our principals (Rick and Monica Otero) worked in their family’s 8(a) Certified business (RJO Enterprises). It was one of the country’s most successful 8(a), high-tech, information technology and electronics concerns. It was recognized for five consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation, by Inc. Magazine.

4. We won’t waste your time!

  • When you ask a question, you will get a straight answer with no double talk.

5. We believe in Customer Service!

  • We believe in treating every client with the respect they deserve as a small business.
  • Our service agreements guarantee protection of your confidential information.
  • All information provided to us is protected on our secure server and will never be shared with anyone.

Finally. We are the best 8(a) Program consultant that is available on the market. The others just try to emulate us.

You can view our list of testimonials and call any of our clients.

Our 8(a) Business Plan Completion Service fee is: $3,000.00.

This is payable in two installments. (1) The first installment is paid at the time of the start of your 8(a) Business Plan engagement. (2) The final balance is due either 30 days after engagement or upon completion, which ever comes first.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Checks for payment.

Request a Service Agreement, if you are ready to proceed.

  • You are welcome to view our blog or 8(a) faqs for more frequently asked questions on the SBA 8(a) Program.
  • You can also view the latest SBA 8(a) Regulations (CFR: Title 13:Part 124) and read up on the extensive rules and regulations that govern the 8(a) Program.
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