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Ten Resume Tips for 8(a) Applicants

Every individual claiming disadvantage status, as well as each officer, director, partner, member, key employee or holder of 10% or more ownership interest in the firm applying for the 8(a) Program must submit a detailed personal resume.

Here are 10 important tips to make sure these individual’s resume contain all information required by the SBA.

  1. Make sure that all employment information on the resume matches any W-2 Forms submitted with your 8(a) Application.
  2. Explain any gaps in employment. If previously unemployed, state that for the gap of employment on the resume. All gaps of employment, regardless, must be explained.
  3. Ensure the resume clearly outlines the respective title of the individual and corresponds with all other pertinent information contained with the 8(a) Application. Examples (all 8(a) electronic application forms, contracts, taxes, etc.)
  4. Fully explain all current and past employment management duties and responsibilities. Not just technical duties. and responsibilities.
  5. Provide a listing of all formal and informal education, courses and professional licenses or certifications. Including any major study areas in which may be applicable to your primary industry you are seeking 8(a) Certification for.
  6. Note any past ownership in any other business. This includes ownership in a business for holding real estate.
  7. Ensure that resume for the individual claiming disadvantage status is the highest ranking officer and notes that they run the day to day operations of the business.
  8. Ensure that the resume for anyone other the individual claiming disadvantage status does not indicate that they can cause negative control with the applicant firm.
  9. If anyone received a W-2 from any source, other than the applicant firm, in the most recent tax year, provide a letter from each employer indicating their final date of employment to prove full time devotion.
  10. Check the resumes one last time before submitting to make sure items 1-9 above have been completed.
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