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Tips on selecting the right consultant to prepare your 8a, HUBZone or VetBiz Application

Pick up the phone. Speak to the actual person who will be preparing your application.

You should be able to call and speak directly to the individual who will be responsible for preparing your application. At Cloveer, you can call and speak to the employee who will be responsible for preparing your application. They will answer any of your questions and let you know whether or not you are eligible to become certified into one of these programs at no cost.

Don’t choose your consultant solely on their price for services.

The old adage is true. You get what you pay for. If it looks to good to be true, it usually is.

Stay away from any consultant that offers you any type of guarantee.

No one can guarantee your application will accepted by the SBA or the VA. The final decision is made by the SBA for 8(a) or Hubzone Certification and the VA for VetBiz Certification.

Ask as many questions up front as possible. See if the consultant actually knows the rules and regulations of the program you want to get certified into. They should be able to answer your eligibility questions quickly and correctly without any double-talk.

Cloveer pre-qualifies all of its potential clients to make sure they meet all of the regulatory requirements at no cost.

Check the consultants Better Business Bureau report.

If they don’t have a profile established with the BBB, are not accredited or have negative feedback, this is a sign of potential problems. Cloveer is an A Rated BBB business with zero complaints.

Ask them for references you can personally speak to and look for a recent track record of success.

Cloveer has real references that are published on our website that detail the company name, contact, telephone number and what program they are certified into that you can contact to verify the services provided.

Look at their website to see if they provide more than just sales information. has an extensive 8(a), Hubzone and VetBiz FAQS section along with a comprehensive blog on getting certified.

Make sure that the agreement provided for services to be rendered covers everything.

All services provided by Cloveer are on a fixed price basis so there will be no hidden charges.

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