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8(a) Application Bank Signature Card Requirements

You must provide copies of all your business bank account signature cards to the SBA as part of your 8(a) Application through

Here are 6 tips to ensure you provide the appropriate bank signature cards and they meet the 8(a) Program requirements.

1. Provide a copy of each bank signature card that the business has an account with.

Tip: Some banks will not provide you a copy of your actual bank signature card you signed when you opened your bank account. In this case, you can obtain a letter from the bank, on their letterhead, stating the bank account number, and who has signature authority on the accounts.

2. Make sure the bank signature cards provided are for your business and not your personal accounts.

3. The bank signature card should reflect the appropriate business name, legal structure, EIN number and address of the business.

4. If your business financial statements reflect multiple accounts, make sure you provide each bank signature card.

5. The 8(a) Applicant must be one of the individuals listed on the bank signature card. If someone other than the 8(a) Applicant is listed on the bank signature card, they cannot have unlimited signing authority or unrestricted access to the bank account. Additionally, there should not be any limitations on the signing authority such as requiring two signatures for anything over a certain dollar level.

6. The titles listed on the bank signature cards should correspond with titles listed within your 8(a) Application.

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