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8(a) Application Contract Listings Breakdown Tips

When you apply for the 8(a) Program through the SBA will require that you provide a detailed listing of your contracts* for the last 12 months.

Tip: We also suggest that you take a look at this breakdown for the last completed (e.g., 2021, 2020 and 2019) three years too. The SBA is likely to request this additional information to look at the totality of your economic dependency.

Here is the message you will likely receive from the SBA if you fail to provide the last three years of information:

The chart associated with the Certify application does not ask for this level of detail, and is not sufficient in addressing this query.

*The term contract means contract, agreement, PO, etc.

Within Certify.SBA.GOV, you must detail the following :

1. Award Date. List the date the contract was awarded (e.g., 01/01/2021)
2. NAICS Code. List the six digit NAICS code which you are performing the work under. (e.g., 541511)
3. Customer Name (Billable Client). List the name of the customer/client you are billing for the work being performed. (e.g., Lockheed Martin)
4. Brief Description. Provide a brief description of the scope of services provided. (e.g., Software Development)
5. Total Contract Value. The value of the entire contract awarded to you.
6. Annual Revenue. List the amount of revenue your company has earned from this client in over the last 12 calendar months (not fiscal year). (e.g., $53,275)

  • The SBA will validate the amounts reported against your income statements and business tax returns.
  • The SBA will look to see if you have earned a large number of contracts from a former employer, or a current or previous 8(a) Participant.
  • The SBA will review the information to determine if the work performed accurately represents your primary NAICS code.
  • Finally, the SBA will also use the above breakdown’s to look at your economic dependency over this period of measurement to see if you are or have been earning more than than 70% of your revenue from one billable client. See our blog posting on economic dependency for more information on this topic or complete our online economic dependency questionnaire below to determine if your firm has economic dependency.
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