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When to start your VetBiz Contracting Program Renewal

Eligibility in the VA’s VetBiz Program is valid for 3 years from the date of your verification approval letter.  The VetBiz VIP system will send out emails starting at 150 days prior to your expiration.  They will continue sending you reminders every 30 days until your renewal is submitted or your verification expires.

It is strongly encouraged that you to submit your application within 120 to 90 days from expiration, to prevent a break in verification. Failure to submit in a timely manner will result in your verification expiring and your company being removed from the Vendor Information Pages (VIP) database.  This could result in a loss in contract opportunities.  Even if you submit before the expiration date, your verification can still expire if you haven’t allowed sufficient time for processing by the CVE.  Processing times can take around 90 days.  If your verification expires, you may re-apply at any time if you feel that you still meet the qualifications.

Verification’s are still done in the VA’s VIP system, but there are new login requirements that will need to be set up if you have not logged in since May 2018.  Your new login can be connected to your existing account.  Please allow time for this step in your re-verification process.

We offer a free online VA VetBiz Program eligibility analysis to see if you qualify. If you are interested in assistance with your application, we offer a turnkey service for VA VetBiz application completion as well as VetBiz Re-verification. Feel free to read more frequently asked questions on the VA VetBiz Application too.

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